#4 When you grow up poor…

… you stop playing sports in your early twenties because if you get hurt you are NOT going to the hospital. Then you decide you’re crazy and you can play a soccer game, it’s no big deal. Then you tear every ligament in your knee. So then you tell yourself it’s not torn and you go to work and watch it swell to the size of Tom Hardy’s neck and you think maybe it’s just sprained. So you wait for 4 months to see if the swelling goes down. Then it doesn’t so you walk on it for a year to see if that’s possible and it is sort of, minus when it randomly gives out sometimes while you’re walking down the stairs in a crowd of college students. Then you get a new job with crappy health insurance and lie about it not being a pre existing condition so it will be covered. And the deductible… yeah I’m not paying that.

One thought on “#4 When you grow up poor…

  1. ……you go through high school and college using breathing techniques to quell the pain in your mouth because you fear the mention of needing a trip to the dentist will stress our your already stressed out family……………

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