#33 When you grow up poor…

… you Dad will bring home scraps of wood from work every week and one summer he’ll help you and your brother build a three story tree house in the back yard, complete with rope swing, shelving, zip line and a pulley system that brings a basket back and forth from the kitchen window so your Mom can send you snacks.

You’ll have neighborhood sleepovers all summer long with all the kids and use it as the “all-time headquarters base” when you play War and Manhunt.

During a thunder and lightning storm your brother will fall out of the tree house and break his arm AGAIN.  

And as you all storm out of the tree house any which way you can to go help him, your neighbor will slide down the zip line the wrong way and get his finger stuck in the zip and nearly cut it off. He’ll run home soaking wet and covered in blood and will blame it on you and you won’t see him again for a long time.

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