#36 When you grow up poor…

… you form a wild boys club in the summers between school years called The Jungle Boys. The main purpose of this club will be to push your physical strengths to the limit. You’ll climb to the top of the tallest trees in the neighborhood and only look down when you touch the top.

You’ll stand bare foot on the black top with only a bottle of water and you’ll have to time your way across the cul-de-sac, splashing water on your feet as you go until the bottle is empty.

You’ll test your pain tolerance by putting on knee and elbow pads and as many layers of clothing as possible and then skateboarding blind folded down the steepest hill on your street.

You’ll later change the name of the club to the Three Musketeers because no one besides you, your brother, and Ryan Basler agree to be in it.

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