#38 When you grow up poor…

… you steal your sibling’s winter coat one day in 8th grade because its warmer than yours and from Aeropostale, so that will get you girls most likely.

Your Math teacher will pull you out into the hall and ask you why you smell like smoke. You’ll immediately laugh and he’ll send you to the principle’s office where you will be interrogated all day about why you are an 8th grade smoker.

You’ll argue, repeating over and over again ” But I’m Mormon, I’m Mormon! I don’t smoke, I’m Mormon!”

Your mom will come to take you home from school for the day and later you’ll realize you weren’t the only one to steal that jacket. Your sister’s pot head friend stole it the other day, and since your a Mormon in 8th grade, you have no idea when something smells like weed.

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