#40 When You Grow Up Poor…

…you’ll miss out on Cable TV. Your friends will say “Hey, did you see Pete & Pete yesterday?” And you, embarrassed will say “Well heck yes I did!” not having a clue what they are talking about.

Later in life you’ll be a grown up with a family and a full-time job and some money and your coworkers will say “Hey, remember Pete & Pete?” And you’ll say “Totally! Is that the one with Shia LeBouf? I love Shia Lebouf. As a matter of fact I think he is a genius. Did you see when he recorded himself at a movie theater watching all of his movies in reverse chronological order? I watched it for like 4 hours! Did you see Holes? Remember Holes? Wasn’t he in that movie Necrophelia? Narcolepsy? Nymphomaniac? Don’t you see his dong in that? Have you ever seen Shia LeBouf’s dong? I wonder if he has ever called his dong a transformer? Did you see Shia Lebouf in Transformers? All of them? Did you like them? I thought he was good in those but I don’t like Michael Bay.”

Then your friends will tell you “Shia Lebouf is not in Pete & Pete. You’re thinking of Even Stevens”.

“……. Did you guys ever watch Wishbone on the free channel?”

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