#50 When You Grow Up Poor…

… you get detention but you can’t go to detention because you have to go to work. Your teacher tells you that your boss will understand and to call in. You tell your teacher that she obviously doesn’t know your boss. Bill is a total basket case. If I called in he would find me. And hurt me. I’ve seen him smash plates over kids head’s for showing up late.

So you don’t show up for detention. The next day your teacher says you have Saturday school. Nope. Sorry teach, can’t do it. I got work. On Saturday? she asks. Yeah, unlike teaching Monday through Friday I have a real job. Washing dishes at the pizza place. That doesn’t go over well.

You go home and tell your parents you have Saturday school. Your dad says you can’t because you have work. He asks what you got it for. You say because you didn’t go to detention because you had work. Good man, he says. Why did you get detention he asks. I left school early last week to cover a shift for Orlando so he could go to his daughter’s soccer game. Good man, says dad.

If I don’t go to Saturday school I’ll be expelled for a week, I explain.

Good man, dad says. You could pick up some day shifts at the pizza place and pay for your own damn soccer cleats for a change.

I love you dad. A whole bunch.

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